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About Us
Changmao Biochemical Engineering Company Limited ("The Company") was established in 1992.It is Jiangsu Hi-tech Enterprise,Jiangsu Foreign-invested Advanced Technology Enterprise and Double-dense Enterprise.It was listed on HK GEM Stock Exchange in 2002,and has experienced rapid progress since then.In 2006 Changmao acquired Changzhou Lanling Pharmaceutical Production Company, Ltd. (Lanling Pharm)and invested 20million to establish Shanghai Changmao Biochemical Engineering Company Limited(Shanghai Changmao).In 2007 it acquired the Shanghai Medical Life Science Research Centre Limited (Shanghaimed CO.,LTD.).With advantage of Production,R&D and Marketing Changmao is taking its strategic step towards group-oriented development mode. Changmao produces C-4 series organic acids and its salts,..
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