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Product Name: S(-)-3-Hydroxy-gamma-Butyrolactone
CAS No: 7331-52-4
Product Type: Synthesis Material Intermediates
Product spec: 90% Min
Packing: in 25kg or 200kg drum or according to customer requirement
Post Time: 2010-11-24
Usage: S(-)-3-Hydroxy-?í butyrolactone is an important intermediate in organic synthesis and an important chiral pool. It is mainly used in the synthesis of some natural products and some bioactive chiral drugs or antibiotic chiral drugs. For example, it is a key intermediate in synthesis of nerve regulator (R)-GABOB and brain metabolic accelerant S(-)-Oxiracetam. s-3-Hydroxy-?íbutyrolactone can be deoxidized to S(-)-3-hydroxy-tetrahydrofurane which is an important intermediate of anti-AIDS drugs. It is also used in the synthesis of S(-)-3-hydroxy-4-bromobutyric acid which is a potential stabilizer. It can also be used to produce S(-)-5-hydroxymethyl-oxazolin which is a new antibiotic drug. Besides, both S(-)-N-methyl-hydroxypyrrole and (R)-N-methyl-3-methylamino-pyrrole have important bioactivity, and they can be made from s-3-Hydroxy-?íbutyrolactone by simple reaction. Furthermore, s-3-Hydroxy-?íbutyrolactone can synthesize many natural products.
Description: Colorless or light-yellow liquid,soluble in water, alcohol and other organic solvent and insoluble in light petroleum
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