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Product Name: Fumaric Acid
CAS No: 110-17-8
Product Type: Organic Chemicals and Derivatives -> Carboxylic acids
Product spec: 99.5%~100.5%(anhydrous basis)
Packing: 25KG net in Plastic Woven Bag lined with PE bag
Post Time: 2010-11-24
Usage: Used as an acidulant, Fumaric acid has bacteriostatic and antiseptic function. It also can be used as acidity regulator, acidifier, thermal-oxidative resist auxiliary, curing accelerant and spice. Used as acidic substance of effervescent agent, it can produce extended and exquisite bubbles.
Description: Fumaric acid can be used as pharmaceutical intermediate and optical bleaching agent. In pharmaceutical industry, it is used to produce alexipharmic sodium dimercaptosuccinate and ferrous fumarate. Fumaric acid is also used in manufacturing unsaturated polyester resin.
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